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Quiz Note: It is recommended that you save your response as you complete each question.    Question 1 (1 point) Macroeconomics The actual change in the money supply equals Question 1 options:the change in reserves times the reserve requirement ratio.the change in excess reserves times the money multiplier.the actual change in excess reserves.the change in required reserves times the money multiplier.Save   Question 2 (1 point) Macroeconomics The required reserve ratio equals 10 percent and all banks initially have zero excess reserves. The Fed buys $1 million in U.S. government securities. The most the money supply can increase is Question 2 options:$1 million.$10 million.$8 million.$4 million.Save   Question 3 (1 point) Macroeconomics The more people decide to hold currency, the Question 3 options:smaller the actual money multiplier.greater control the Fed has over the money supply.larger the actual money multiplier.larger the money supply.Save   Question 4 (1 point) Macroeconomics The discount rate is the Question 4 options:interest rate on short-term U.S. government securities.interest rate banks charge their best customers.interest rate the Fed charges on loans made to depository institutions.interest rate the Fed charges to the largest and most secure manufacturing concerns in the country.Save   Question 5 (1 point) Macroeconomics The most precise way the Fed has to control the money is Question 5 options:by adjusting the discount rate.open market operations.by encouraging excess reserves.by adjusting the reserve requirement.Save   Question 6 (1 point) Macroeconomics Macroeconomics

According to the above figure, a shortage is shown between which two points?

 Question 6 options:C and BA and BE and FA and ESave   Question 7 (1 point) Macroeconomics A decrease in demand and a decrease in supply will lead to a Question 7 options:decrease in quantity but the effect on price is indeterminate.decrease in price but the effect on quantity is indeterminate.decrease in price and an increase in quantity.decrease in price and a decrease in quantity.Save   Question 8 (1 point) Macroeconomics If the current price of a market basket of goods is $850 and the base year price for the same market basket is $500, what is the value of the price index? Question 8 options:100170140120Save   Question 9 (1 point) Macroeconomics The only way that a society can produce outside the production possibilities curve is Question 9 options:by producing efficiently.through economic growth.by obeying the Law of Increasing Relative Cost.to use the concept of opportunity cost.Save   Question 10 (1 point) Macroeconomics Suppose the tax rate on the first $10,000 income is 0; 10 percent on the next $20,000; 20 percent on the next $20,000; 30 percent on the next $30,000; and 40 percent on any income over $80,000. Family A has income of $40,000 and Family B has income of $100,000. What is the marginal and average tax rate for each family? Question 10 options:Family A: marginalMacroeconomics20 percent; averageMacroeconomics10 percent; Family B: marginalMacroeconomics40 percent; averageMacroeconomics23 percent.Family A: marginalMacroeconomics20 percent; averageMacroeconomics20 percent; Family B: marginalMacroeconomics40 percent; averageMacroeconomics40 percent.Family A: marginalMacroeconomics20 percent; averageMacroeconomics15 percent; Family B: marginalMacroeconomics40 percent; averageMacroeconomics20 percent.Family A: marginalMacroeconomics10 percent; averageMacroeconomics10 percent; Family B: marginalMacroeconomics30 percent; averageMacroeconomics30 percent.Save   Question 11 (1 point) Macroeconomics The marginal tax rate is equal to Question 11 options:the change in the tax payment divided by the change in income.the average tax payment divided by the total tax payment.the percent of total income that goes to taxes.the total tax payment divided by total income.Save   Question 12 (1 point) Macroeconomics One solution to the Social Security problem cited in the text is to Question 12 options:increase the payment to retirees.reduce the payments to retirees.lower the Social Security tax percentage.let the Federal Reserve run the program.Save   Question 13 (1 point) Macroeconomics Social Security taxes are regressive because Question 13 options:they apply only to rich people.they are applied to retired people only.they are not applied to income beyond a certain amount.they are applied to welfare recipients.Save Question 14 (4 points) Macroeconomics Question 14 options:Assume an open, mixed economy (C + I + G + X = real GDP) and an MPS of .2 What is the multiplier?  Macroeconomics  If government spending (G) increases by $50B, how much will real GDP increase?  Macroeconomics  If taxes also increase by $50B, consumption (C) will fall by how much?  Macroeconomics  The result will be a $200B decline in real GDP. Was this policy of increasing government spending and taxes by the same amount expansionary, contractionary, or ineffective?  MacroeconomicsSave   Question 15 (1 point) Macroeconomics The U.S. fiduciary monetary system Question 15 options:puts capital controls in place.is one where money is not convertible to a fixed quantity of gold.controls the private banking system.is the one agency responsible for providing coins and paper currency.Save   Question 16 (1 point) Macroeconomics 


Refer to the above table. The value of M1 is

 Question 16 options:$1,360 billion.$2,560 billion.$910 billion.$860 billion.Save   Question 17 (1 point) Macroeconomics Possession of information by one party in a financial transaction but not by the other party is Question 17 options:financial intermediation.moral hazard.asymmetric information.adverse selection.Save   Question 18 (1 point) Macroeconomics The Federal Reserve bank is managed by Question 18 options:one person elected in the same election that decides the presidency of the U.S.the Board of Governors composed of seven members appointed by the president.the Board of Trustees composed of a member from each district bank.the Board of Directors composed of a member from each district bank.Save   Question 19 (1 point) Macroeconomics As a “lender of last resort” the Fed Question 19 options:protects the deposits of $100,000 or less in all commercial banks in the country.bails out any depository institution it has decided should not be allowed to fail.bails out any corporation the government has decided should not fail.is obligated to bail out any depository institution in the country that is in financial difficulty.Save   Question 20 (1 point) Macroeconomics 

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