Each of the following is an indirect tax except the _____ tax.A.gasolineB.telephoneC.corporate incomeD.excise2.Which of the following could be called an…

Each of the following is an indirect tax except the _____ tax. 

A. gasoline

B. telephone

C. corporate income

D. excise

2. Which of the following could be called an unfunded mandate imposed by the federal government to be carried out by state and local governments, without enough funds to cover the cost of the program? 

A. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

B. The requirement that states and localities hire new police officers by the Department of Homeland Security.

C. The requirement that states carry out election reform, as a result of voting irregularities in the 2000 election.

D. All the choices.

3. The fastest growing source of federal tax revenue is the _____ tax. 

A. personal income

B. corporate income

C. payroll

D. excise

4. Which statement is false? 

A. About seven percent of federal government spending goes toward interest on the national debt.

B. Over eighty percent of local taxes comes from property taxes.

C. The federal government will spend over $3.8 trillion this fiscal year.

D. None of these statements is false.

5. Which statement is true? 

A. The Social Security tax is progressive.

B. An excise tax on cigarettes is regressive.

C. A sales tax is a direct tax.

D. None is true.

6. The sales tax is the most important source of _____ government revenue. 

A. federal

B. state

C. local

7. Most sales taxes are ___________; most excise taxes are _________. 

A. progressive, progressive

B. regressive, regressive

C. progressive, regressive

D. regressive, progressive

8. According to Adam Smith, each of these was an economic role of government except 

A. protecting society from violence and invasion.

B. protecting individuals from oppression.

C. erecting public works which would not be in the interest of private individuals to erect.

D. redistributing some income from the rich to the poor.

9. Compared to people earning $150,000 a year, people earning $300,000 pay _________ Social Security taxes. 

A. less

B. the same

C. slightly more

D. twice as much

10. Statement I: Social Security benefits are financed entirely by taxes that workers pay.

Statement II: Social Security benefits are a government transfer payment. 

A. Statement I is true and statement II is false.

B. Statement II is true and statement I is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

11. Excise taxes are 

A. really income taxes in disguise.

B. profits taxes on major corporations.

C. per-unit taxes on specific goods.

D. percentage taxes on sales revenues.

E. the second most important source of federal revenue.

12. Which of the following is NOT an example of a transfer payment? 

A. The salaries received by social workers employed by the federal government.

B. Food stamps.

C. Unemployment compensation.

D. Social security payments.

E. Payments under the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program.

13. If your taxable income rises from $27,000 to $47,000, and the taxes you pay rise from $15,000 to $20,000, your marginal tax rate is 

A. 15 percent.

B. 25 percent.

C. 35 percent.

D. 45 percent.

14. An example of a tax that is generally regarded to be progressive is 

A. the federal income tax.

B. the excise tax on gasoline.

C. the state sales tax.

D. the payroll tax.

15. Statement I: A progressive tax places a heavier burden on the rich than on the poor.

Statement II: The Social Security tax is more regressive than the federal personal income tax. 

A. Statement I is true and statement II is false.

B. Statement II is true and statement I is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

16. Which of the following would not be a government transfer expenditure? 

A. Contribution of employers to support the Social Security program

B. Social security payments to the aged

C. Unemployment compensation benefits

D. Payments to the widows of war veterans

17. A progressive tax is one where the percentage charged on income ______________ as income increases. 

A. increases and then decreases

B. is constant

C. decreases

D. increases

18. Which of the following federal government expenditures is the largest burden on the budget? 

A. Social security

B. Medicare and medicaid

C. Defense

D. Interest on national debt

19. Warren Buffett, the noted stock market investor, and world’s second richest man has noted: 

A. his average tax rate is lower than his secretary.

B. his world ranking would increase substantially if taxes were lower $20,000

C. his taxes were so high that he was supporting the government by himself.

D. his wealth was very high because of the low tax rates enjoyed by the rich.

20. If Mr. Perot faces a 90 percent marginal tax rate, 

A. his average tax rate must be falling.

B. the next dollar he earns nets him 90 cents.

C. his total tax payments equal 90 percent of his income.

D. he has a strong incentive to work harder.

E. he has a strong incentive to work less.

21. Sales and excise taxes tend to be ___________ because low income people tend to spend a _________ fraction of their income than high income people. 

A. progressive; larger

B. regressive; larger

C. progressive; smaller

D. regressive; smaller

22. Statement I: Most taxes are proportional in effect.

Statement II: A tax that is nominally regressive will be regressive in effect. 

A. Statement I is true and statement II is false.

B. Statement II is true and statement I is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

23. The Jones family has an average tax rate of 15 percent. Its marginal tax rate is 

A. less than 15 percent.

B. 15 percent.

C. more than 15 percent.

D. impossible to find.

24. In 2007, the richest 400 U. S. households earned an average income of $345 million. What was their average income tax rate? 

A. 34 percent.

B. 25 percent.

C. About 17 percent.

D. Less than 12 percent.

25. Which of the following is the best example of a government expenditure for goods or services? 

A. Salaries of Supreme Court justices

B. Social security pensions paid to the elderly

C. Welfare payments

D. Unemployment compensation

E. The progressive income tax

26. Social Security benefits are funded by 

A. special taxes on corporate profits.

B. property taxes and user taxes.

C. a payroll tax with equal contributions from employer and employees and by self-employment taxes.

D. a special tax on corporate profits and approximately 10 percent of general sales taxes.

E. a combination of sales taxes, property taxes, corporate profit taxes and user fees.

27. Statement I: The economic role of government has been growing over the last eight decades.

Statement II: The economic role of government will definitely be reduced in the coming years. 

A. Statement I is true and statement II is false.

B. Statement II is true and statement I is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

28. “Taxable income” is 

A. total income less deductions and exemptions.

B. earned income less property income.

C. all income other than wages and salaries.

D. wage and salary income only.

29. Statement I: The two largest categories of federal spending are Social Security and defense.

Statement II: The payroll tax is a more important source of revenue for the federal government than the corporate income tax. 

A. Statement I is true and statement II is false.

B. Statement II is true and statement I is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

30. The marginal tax rate is calculated by dividing 

A. taxes paid by taxable income.

B. taxable income by taxes paid.

C. additional taxes paid by additional taxable income.

D. additional taxable income by additional taxes paid.

31. Which of the following schedules represent(s) a progressive tax?

A. I and III

B. I


D. I and II


32. Under a proportional income tax, the average tax rate 

A. decreases as income increases.

B. increases as income increases.

C. remains constant at all levels of income.

D. initially decreases, then increases, as income increases.

33. The tax represented here is 

A. progressive.

B. proportional.

C. regressive.

D. none of the choices.

34. If your taxable income increases from $30,000 to $40,000, your marginal tax rate is 

A. 10 percent

B. 20 percent

C. 30 percent

D. 40 percent

E. 50 percent

35. Statement I: A tax on cigarettes is regressive.

Statement II: The federal personal income tax is more progressive today than it was in 1980. 

A. Statement I is true and statement II is false.

B. Statement II is true and statement I is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

36. A progressive tax is such that 

A. tax rates are higher the smaller one’s income.

B. the same tax rate applies to all income receivers, so that the rich pay a greater amount of taxes than the poor.

C. the greatest burden is on low-income workers.

D. none of the above holds true.

37. Most U.S. government spending is financed by 

A. an expansion of the money supply.

B. taxes.

C. government securities.

D. transfer payments.

E. loans from foreign countries.

38. According to the IRS, the average large corporation in the United States paid just less than _______ percent in 2006. 

A. 34

B. 27

C. 24

D. 13

39. In 2010 the highest marginal tax rate for the federal personal income tax was _____ percent. 

A. 28

B. 33

C. 35

D. 50

E. 70

40. Groucho earns $5 million and pays $2 million in taxes; Harpo earns $300,000 and pays $80,000 in taxes; Chico earns $25,000 and pays $1,000 in taxes. The tax they pay would be considered 

A. progressive.

B. proportional.

C. regressive.

41. Who, from among the following, said this “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” 

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. Adam Smith

C. Benjamin Franklin

D. Sir William Petty

E. John Stuart Mill

42. K – 12 public education in the U.S. is paid for mainly by the _____ tax. 

A. income

B. sales

C. excise

D. property

43. Statement I: The most important source of state tax revenue is the property tax while the most important source of local tax revenue is the sales tax.

Statement II: As a share of federal spending, Social Security and Medicare will continue to grow. 

A. Statement I is true and Statement II is false.

B. Statement II is true and Statement I is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

44. Statement 1: The first President George Bush and President Bill Clinton will go down in history as two of our greatest tax cutters.

Statement 2: Presidents Ronald Reagan and the second President Bush will go down in history as two of our greatest tax cutters. 

A. Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is false.

B. Statement 2 is true and Statement 1 is false.

C. Both statements are true.

D. Both statements are false.

45. Which of the following statements about the Social Security tax is not true? 

A.  It is imposed on employees only.

B.  It is a regressive tax.

C. It is a payroll tax.

D. It came into existence in 1935.

46. The Social Security 

A. tax is capped at $43,000.

B. system is currently accumulating surpluses.

C. trust fund, by current estimates, will be empty by 2099.

D. is a progressive tax.

47. Which of the following years was there NOT a federal income tax cut? 

A. 1981

B. 1986

C. 1993

D. 2001

E. 2003

48. Which of the following tax cuts lowered the top marginal tax rate to 28 percent? 

A. The Kemp-Roth Tax Cut of 1981

B. The Tax Reform Act of 1986

C. The Tax Cut of 1993

D. The Tax Cut of 2001

E. The Tax Cut of 2003

49. Critics of the tax cut of 2001 made all of the following arguments EXCEPT 

A. It would push up the federal budget deficit.

B. Most of the benefits would go to the rich.

C. The last time massive tax cuts were enacted in the 1980s, budget deficits increased dramatically.

D. The tax cut will discourage people from working.

50. The Tax Cut of 2003 includes all of the following provisions EXCEPT 

A. The child income tax credit was raised from $600 to $1,000.

B. The lowest minimum tax rate was lowered from 15 percent to 10 percent.

C. The highest income tax bracket was reduced from 38.6 percent to 35 percent.

D. The top personal income tax rate paid by stockholders on corporate dividends and on capital gains was lowered to 15 percent.

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