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Dyslexia – Need paper by Oct 9 before 10. a.m Eastern Standard Time

Hi, this is Kay. Can you do this paper for my daughter and have it ready by Oct 9 at 10 am Eastern Standard time.
Research paper#1 will require you to argue for your own perspective on the selected topic (Dyslexia). Your goal isto
effectively argue for your standpoint
using the rhetorical appeals. The research paper’s thesis statement must besupported throughout the argument. Avoid digressing from the thesis statementat any stage of the research paper. The argumentation or persuasion researchpaper will require the use of seven (7) sources that I have already providedyou with the annotated bibliography that I want you to use(listed below) on .Dyslexia. Research paper needs to be 4-5 pagedouble-spaced pages.
Williams, J., Lynch, S. (2010).Dyslexia: What Teachers Need to Know. KappaDelta Pi Record, 46 (2).
JoanWilliams and Sharon Lynch conducted a research which examines basic issueswhich every teacher needs to know about dyslexia. They covered definition ofthe disease, myths which are connected with dyslexia, the way the diseaseinfluences education of children at educational settings of various levels, andgeneral dyslexia characteristics. Addressing the problem, the researchers havealso defined a range of strategies which are considered effective when it isnecessary to promote academic achievements of children who were diagnosed withdyslexia.
Williamsand Lynch conducted a vast literature review which was supported by experienceof some teachers who worked with dyslexia children. Examination of theliterature in complex with practical knowledge allowed the researchers toanalyze the problem and clearly explain its core and also introduce tactics tobe used when it comes to work with dyslexia children.
Themost important findings of the article are breaking myths about dyslexia andsharing ideas on managing and improving achievements of the students who have tostudy and experience consequences of the disease.
Thearticle brings a very important contribution both to the general knowledgeabout the disease and to personal one. The reason is that it breaks the wrongassociations and misbelieves which might affect teaching of dyslexia childrenin a negative way and bring dreadful consequences. However, reading the articleis the first step towards prevention of such situation and more effectiveteaching of children with dyslexia.
Thearticle is well written and it involves great research which is combined withpractical knowledge. Partially it is aimed at the audience which has noknowledge about dyslexia, and the researchers provide general knowledge andreport on the most widespread principles. However, the new ideas are alsopresent in the article. They are breaking the myths and introduction ofeffective tactics to promote effective teaching in the class where childrenhave dyslexia.
Aldridge, J. (2007). RethinkingDyslexia, Scripted Reading, and Federal Mandates: The More Things Change, theMore They Stay the Same. Journal ofInstructional Psychology, 34 (1).
JerryAldrige conducted a research and wrote an article which reveals some problematicareas and misleading of the professionals who develop programs to makeeducation of children with dyslexia more effective.
Inorder to conduct the research, author of the article examined literature of theworld known experts in the issue and also analyzed federal mandates andscripted reading programs which are aimed to help the children who haveproblems with reading because of dyslexia.
Findingsof the article Rethinking Dyslexia,Scripted Reading, and Federal Mandates: The More Things Change, the More TheyStay the Same state that the programs which are developed by theprofessionals on the disease do not always represent the best actions to betaken. However, it is much more important for educators to make local decisionsand help children with dyslexia to learn reading with the help of actions whichare based on the teachers’ personal experience of work with these children andtheir personal judgment.
Therecan be no doubts that this research is a significant step towards improvementof teaching of children with reading disorders as it promotes personal approachto each of the students. The article also contributes to personal knowledge ofeach of the readers, breaking the stereotypes and demonstrating importance ofimplementation of leadership qualities when it comes to teaching children withdyslexia.
JerryAldrige conducted a vast research and thorough analysis of literature in orderto conduct the research, which is represented in the form of a well-writtenarticle, sharing information about background of dyslexia studies andemphasizing the importance of individual approach to each child.
Wadlington, E., Jacob, S., Bailey, S.(1996). Teaching Student with Dyslexia in the Regular Classroom. Childhood Education, 73(1).
ElizabethWadlington, Shirley Jacob, and Sandra Bailey examine the problem of dyslexia inmany students and provide general instructions on the way to manage learning insuch children effectively.
Similarlyto many other researches, this one involves analysis of numerous literatureresources, many of which are peer reviewed. However, what differs the article Teaching Student with Dyslexia in theRegular Classroom from other researches, is that it does not only provideinstructions on effective teaching, but also explains how to help children withdyslexia on each particular class and with various tasks as, for example, Artand classes where tests should be taken, are of different level of difficulty,so they should be managed in different ways.
Findingsof the article are related to various areas of education as they explore howteachers should act at each class. This information brings a very importantcontribution to the general knowledge about dyslexia and to personal awarenessof the disease as well, as it does not only give the general information, butdivides instructions into categories of various subjects and tasks.
The article has a clear structure and it iswell written. There can be no doubts that significant research was conducted inorder to develop recommendations for teaching children with dyslexia andcontribute to their knowledge of various subjects. These are the new ideaswhich are delivered by the authors and which are valuable both form theoreticaland practical implications.
Abadiano, H. (2001). Children withDyslexia: Research Responds to Frequently Asked Questions. New England Reading Association Journal, 37(3)
Children with Dyslexia: ResearchResponds to Frequently Asked Questionsby Helen Abadiano is a detailed research on the issue of dyslexia, which isaimed at development of skills to recognize the disease, and help children whohave it to learn in the mainstream classroom.
Authorof the article analyzed several sources of information to conduct the research.Probably, because the amount of the information chosen was not vast, thearticle contains only general instructions on recognition of the disease andways to help children who have it.
Thearticle is very beneficial for the teachers who work in the mainstreamclassrooms and have never faced cases of dyslexia. However, those experiencedmight also find some new knowledge on management and improvement of outcomes oflearning in children who have been diagnosed to have dyslexia.
Thearticle is well written, it involves citations of famous authors. However, theresearch itself reveals basic information only, but it also might be beneficialfor some educators.
Wadlington, E., Wadlington, P.(2005). What Educators Really Believe about Dyslexia. Reading Improvement, 42(1).
Elizabethand Patrick Wadlington are researchers who, in their article What Educators Really Believe about Dyslexiahave reached several aims. These are creation and validation of a scale tomeasure beliefs which are connected with dyslexia; usage of the scale toexamine the beliefs which are possessed by teachers in terms of dyslexia, andrecommend some ways to improve preparation of the students with dyslexia.
Themost important findings of the article reveal ways to contribute to educationof children with dyslexia disorders and they can be used by the educators intheir practice, and also in theory to make even greater contribution to thedyslexia knowledge.
Theresearch is professionally written, it has a clear and logic structure and avast literature review and analysis was performed to develop the instructionsconcerning further actions.

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