Home » This final paper is a written analysis of specific topics chosen by the instructor. Students shall choose one of the following topics: Political Participation; Civil Rights and Policies; Poverty, Welf

This final paper is a written analysis of specific topics chosen by the instructor. Students shall choose one of the following topics: Political Participation; Civil Rights and Policies; Poverty, Welf

This final paper is a written analysis of specific topics chosen by the instructor. Students shall choose one of the following topics: Political Participation; Civil Rights and Policies; Poverty, Welfare and Health; Metropolitics, Urbanism, Suburbia and Policies, and finally the Politics of Education. These topics were discussed and written about throughout our semester. Students may use any reflection on that topic to serve as a beginning and answer to the first of four questions. Before using your first reflections, make sure that it has the following: Double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font, indentations where necessary, close to 600 words or close to a full 2 pages, check for misspellings and punctuation. Also, you must have a citation page.
The following will guide students through their final papers. First, each bullet point should be answered thoroughly and all facts presented should be supported by a source. Each bullet point should be one complete page. The first page of the final paper should be the reflection paper from that particular topic from earlier in the semester. Again, students may use this as the first page. Be advised: this final paper is 5 pages minimum, 7 pages maximum (citation/resource pages is not included). Your cite page should follow all of your written content (5-7 pages). This paper is to be written in MLA format, double space, 12 point font, Times New Roman and 1 inch margins. 5 points will be deducted if it does not meet these standards. This must be written in essay format, meaning each bullet point should not be labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. It must flow and be written as an essay. 5 points will be deducted if it does not meet these standards.
Considering participation, the 1st Amendment permits individuals, interest groups, lobbyists and corporations an opportunity to participate in politics. Understanding this about American politics, research and write about one Supreme Court case of the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) that grants these opportunities to interest groups, lobbyists and corporations (cite your claims).
Participating in the American political system is necessary for a healthy Democracy. There are states that have taken it upon themselves to create laws requiring voter ID and other measures that might seem to some to be harsh. Through research, identify that state, read the law, analyze it and compare it to Florida’s voting laws (cite your claims). Do you find their laws/law to be fair and rational?
Advocating for a change in policy is embedded in our Constitution. One has a right and freedom to assemble, to express grievances with the system and demand change. Identify the differences between protesting, demonstrating and violence. Describe one event that has happened in Florida that was either a demonstration, protest or riot (cite your claims).
Florida’s ex-felons were initially permitted to vote through an elected initiative by Florida voters. The state congress passed a bill that would prevent ex-felons from voting due to monies owed to the state (court fees, etc.). Governor Ron DeSantis signed that bill in June 2019, however, a federal judge ruled in October 2019 that this measure of preventing ex-felons from voting was unconstitutional. What are your thoughts on this, should ex-felons be banned from voting until they pay back everything they owe or is this a revisiting of a past event in American history of poll taxes? Do you believe it is unconstitutional and how should we move forward (cite your claims)?
If the idea behind a Civil Right is to have equal access without discrimination, is it possible to achieve this in public school education around the United States? For example, each state has school zones that create boundaries exclusively for those who live within that zone. If one school zone has great schools while a zone within the same city does not, does it violate one’s Civil Rights if they do not have access to those same good schools? Please explain thoroughly (Cite your claims).
Delving into Civil Rights and the Civil Rights movement, there were a series of laws that were created including the Civil Rights Act of 1965, Voter Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The Fair Housing Act was implemented to deter discriminatory practices in housing and the creation of housing policies. There has been recent reports of discrimination in housing in Long Island, New York against people of color (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/new-york/articles/2019-11-22/ny-to-investigate-housing-discrimination-on-long-island). Again, considering equal access without discrimination, is this a clear violation? Do we need additional laws to curb discriminatory practices? This question will require you to research this recent report, you may use the above link as a start but further research is necessary to answer this question (cite your claims).
Affirmative Action was created under the Executive Order of Lyndon B. Johnson, to allow equal access into places of employment, schools and other institutions. Recently, there was a lawsuit against Harvard University from Asian students claiming discriminatory practices in admission processes and entrance into the ivy league school. Research this case, as the decision of a federal judge was handed down. Based on your understanding of Affirmative Action (refer to the textbook for a thorough explanation of Affirmative Action), was Asian students justified in claiming discrimination? How so? Why not? (cite your claims).
Our Hispanic/Latinx population is growing in the United States. This population is very important in the electoral context, in that their votes are extremely necessary in the voting process. At times, politicians confuse ethnicities within Hispanic and Latinx groups, oftentimes considering all are the same. Use research to distinguish between Mexican, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, Dominican Americans and any other group that you would like to include. Next, describe instances currently that any group may be facing that is within the scope of a Civil Right (be mindful of what a Civil Right is). (cite your claims).
Indeed, there is a link between poverty and health. Considering the cost of healthcare in the United States, there are a number of families that do not seek medical attention when it is needed due to the costs. As you research, find out the average cost of medical coverage per household. In your research, find the median household salary and do a simple comparison between the two (cite your claims).
The Great Recession took place around 2008 and destroyed the U.S. economy. There were millions of home foreclosures, lots of job loss and money in the stock market disappeared as well. Has everyone recovered from the Great Recession? Compare poverty rates before and after and look at articles that tell of families who may not have recovered (cite your claims).
The Great Society was a set of domestic programs launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s. The aim was to provide solutions to the level of abject poverty in the United States. There were a series of programs launched. Through your research, find out which programs were started and when they were started. Looking at these programs today, have these programs succeeded in lifting families out of poverty? (cite your claims).
In Florida, the poverty rate in 2018 was a little under 14%. Examining our legislators, what kinds of policies are they creating to lift families out of poverty? Are these policies working? What measurements tell you that these policies are working? In your opinion, do you know of some other solution or initiative that can be used to help families from poverty? (cite your claims).
Eminent Domain is a power that the government uses to acquire land from home and property owners by means of compensation. However, corporations have been using this same power to remove property owners for the benefit of new private construction projects. First, read through the chapter to find a thorough definition and explanation of what Eminent Domain is. Second, research how and if this has been used in the state of Florida. Provide details of the project and the outcome of this situation. If this has not happened in Florida, research the state in which companies have used Eminent Domain and write about that event (cite your claims).
Understanding the definition of sprawl (whether suburban or urban), consider where we live. Florida has seen an increase in population and home development over the past couple of years. Residents of Florida fear that as development continues, sprawl will most likely increase. Describe the ideas of the new urbanist movement and how those ideas have been applied in places like Central Florida (cite your claims).
Gentrification has been growing in places like D.C., New York City, Portland, and San Francisco. It is also present in downtown Orlando. Through your research, find a complete definition to gentrification and give examples of where this is happening. Through the definition and research, determine if gentrification is happening in your city, and if it is, describe the neighborhood and the changes that are happening. Lastly, give pros and cons to the gentrification process that is happening in cities and elaborate on why gentrification is both positive and negative. What are the implications of this happening? (cite your claims).
Throughout history, migration between rural and urban areas were persistent. Families migrated from the south to the north for work, and there’s been recent migration of families returning to the south. Describe why you believe this is happening, examine the pros and cons of a family that moves from urban centers in the northeast to southern states. Within this context, we also see individuals migrating to urban centers; why do you think this is happening? Keeping in mind as you research this question, remember white flight (white families migrating to the suburbs to escape urban centers) and focus on what incentives there are for migrating to someplace different? (cite your claims).
Consider the three main goals of education policy as noted in the textbook. Also consider the current condition of education in the United States; there are states that have implemented a four-day work week instead of five, states have cut back on funding public schools, teacher pay is an issue nationwide, and every state has a high level of students that are not proficient in their grades. If the goals are to have an educated citizenry, to advance social goals and strengthen the economy (the three goals), how have we failed to meet these goals? Elaborate in detail (cite your claims).
Florida has implemented the Florida Standardized Assessment (FSA) that begins for our third grade students. Advocates of standardized testing believe that this particular type of assessment of student learning is appropriate while critics feel that it does little to prove that students learn. Some critics also say that teachers have now been forced to teach to the test. Use research to determine if standardized assessments work best for student learning and explain how. Also, measure if this method of assessment has been successful for Florida students. Lastly, if this has not been good for students, how do we move forward? What types of assessments can be given to show that students are learning in class? (cite your claims).
Describe the movement of charter and magnet schools. First, read to find out what they are exactly and how they operate. Second, examine the state of Florida to find out how this movement has affected the state. Research to find out if the charter and magnet school movement has been beneficial to the families and students of Florida. What are the pros and cons? (cite your claims).
It has been reported that China now leads the world in education. Other countries that are reportedly outperforming the United States are found in Southeast Asia and Scandinavia. As we are living and working in a globalized economy, what can the implications be if the United States students are not performing as well as other students in other nations? Through research, find out what critics are suggesting the United States do to compete with these other nations. Do you agree with them in their suggestions? Do you believe it will work? (cite your claims).

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