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Ashford INF 103 – Which of the following is a valid

Question 1. 1.Which of the following is a valid form: (Points : 1)

Affirming the Consequent

none of these

Denying the Antecedent

Hypothetical Syllogism

Question 2. 2.The thesis in an argumentative essay __________. (Points : 1)

should be general so that one can write enough on the topic

is composed of premises

is not as important as the problem

is the claim that is being defended

Question 3. 3.Which of the following is an effective way to critique a deductive argument? (Points : 1)

Demonstrate that the deductive argument is weak.

Use the same form and create an example that has true premises and a false conclusion.

Critique the strength of an inductive argument.

Use a different form and create a counterexample.

Question 4. 4.The support in an argumentative essay __________. (Points : 1)

does not include theories

is the main item for which one is arguing in a paper

is the problem that one is examining

is the reason for accepting one’s premises

Question 5. 5.The statement “If you come with me, then we can go shopping” is a _____. (Points : 1)

none of these




Question 6. 6.Which type of inductive argument is the following:

“Almost all dogs like to chase cats. Fido is a dog, so he probably likes to chase cats.” (Points : 1)

Appeal to Authority

Inference to the Best Explanation

Statistical Syllogism

Inductive Generalization

Question 7. 7. Arguments __________. (Points : 1)

are always expressed in standard form

always have the same level of complexity

have to be valid in order to be convincing

can include complicated chains of inference that build on themselves

Question 8. 8. Do you want to drive the minivan to the movies? (Points : 1)




Question 9. 9. The objection in an argumentative essay __________. (Points : 1)

should be the simplest argument against your own position

should be presented in a weak manner in order to attack it easily

is the thing that you will refute in the support section of your paper

requires objectivity and should be strong

Question 10. 10. No physical object can travel faster than light. An electron is a physical object. So, an electron cannot travel faster than light. (Points : 1)




Question 11. 11. Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves. Maple trees are deciduous trees. Thus, maple trees will shed their leaves at some point during the growing season.

True or False: The statement, “Maple trees are deciduous trees,” is a premise. (Points : 1)



Question 12. 12. All dogs are warm-blooded. All warm-blooded creatures are mammals. Hence, all dogs are mammals.

True or False: The sentence, “Hence, all dogs are mammals,” is a premise in this argument. (Points : 1)



Question 13. 13. That statement “All dogs are mammals” is an example of a: (Points : 1)

particular affirmative

universal negative


universal affirmative

Question 14. 14. “Up to 80% of doctors endorse this project” uses which rhetorical device? (Points : 1)

Weasel Words



Proof Surrogate


Question 15. 15. Which of the following is an invalid form: (Points : 1)

Hypothetical Syllogism

Modus Tollens

Modus Ponens

Denying the Antecedent

Question 16. 16. In an argumentative essay, the premises of the argument ________. (Points : 1)

are the reasons that support the thesis

do not need justification in an essay

are what the thesis defends

occur in the conclusion of the paper

Question 17. 17. “If it is dinner time, I am going out to eat. It is dinner time, so I am going out to eat.” (Points : 1)

Ad Hominem

Modus Ponens

Affirming the Consequent

False Cause

Non sequitur

Question 18. 18. An argument is deductive __________. (Points : 1)

if it moves from the general to the particular

if it moves from the particular to the general

none of these

No Fallacy

if it presents itself as being valid

if it presents itself in relation to a hypothesis

Question 19.19. Which type of inductive argument is the following:

“All crows observed so far have been black, so all crows are black.” (Points : 1)

Appeal to Authority

Statistical Syllogism

Inductive Generalization

Inference to the Best Explanation

Question 20.20. “You are only opposed to welfare reform because you are rich.” (Points : 1)

Ad hominem


Appeal to emotion

No fallacy

Slippery Slope

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